Touch Screen Computerized Data Input System

Hand Held X-Ray Metal Analyzer
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Emissions Spectrometer
At Decco Alloys we processes and document both incoming and outgoing metals.

Our processing and documentation cycle includes:

  1. Weighing and assigning your material a purchase/lot number using our Scrap Dragon computerized data system
  2. Metals identification - visual inspection and hand sorting by grade, electronic testing, plus magnetic separation as needed
  3. Packaging into Bales, Briquettes, Bundles, or other Contained Forms
  4. Final inspection prior to loading and shipping to end-user mills and smelters

Metals Testing

We have the people, experience and equipment to sort, identify and grade all incoming materials. Additionally, we can work with you at your facility to segregate mixed and unknown materials for identification.

Our test equipment is state-of-the-art. We have four hand held computer-based X-ray metal identification analyzers, plus an optical emission spectrometer that can analyze for over 20 periodic elements in program models for Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Nickel and Cobalt Alloys, Titanium, Copper and Brass and Hi-Temperature Alloys.

All of our equipment is calibrated and tested to meet the critical standards and specifications of the primary mills, foundries and other metal producers we supply.

If you have mixed or unidentified materials and would like assistance with their separation, call us. We'll respond immediately.

Wire Stripping
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Crushing and Loading Sheet Iron Repackaging Foundry Grade Scrap Detail Analyzing and Sorting Baling
Siding Processing